Seek first

It is a common occurrence in my house that keys are lost or rather misplaced. When you are trying to find ‘lost’ keys they seem to be the most important thing in the world at that time.

After Jesus’ temptation by the devil he started to preach. What he preached was the kingdom of God. The people in Jesus’ day thought they knew all about the kingdom of God. They lived where it used to be! They were looking for its restoration.

The Jews knew the stories of Solomon’s kingdom. In fact this takes up nearly 1/3 of the book of kings. There are almost 40 kings of Judah / Israel in the book of kings, and 1/3 of the book is focused on just one. Why? It is because Solomon represented the height of the Israelite kingdom – God’s kingdom. And that is what the people wanted.  They wanted a temple filled with gold, the neighbouring nations coming and paying tribute to the nation and people flocking to Jerusalem to learn the truth about God. (Is that what people want for the church?)

A kingdom like that is not like your keys, you can’t easily such a kingdom. It has to be conquered.  When Jesus taught them to seek first the kingdom of God, it would have seemed like a strange thing. They knew where it should be. The Romans were in the way. What did Jesus mean by saying seek first the kingdom?

What he was saying was that the kingdom was different from what they were expecting. Jesus spent much of his time teaching on the kingdom but it was difficult getting past preconceived ideas. When he told them to seek it first he meant understanding this new kingdom of God was of primarily importance.

Today still have to seek first the kingdom. What does that mean for me today? Is it still that understanding Jesus’ kingdom is of primary importance? Perhaps it is getting past my preconceived ideas where God is? Of what the kingdom is?


One thought on “Seek first

  1. I remember learning many years ago that the Kingdom was “God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule”. However, while here on my earthly journey, it means, being in the place of God’s appointment each day, under the leading of His Spirit, and there, being obedient to what He is asking of me.” Once, for a Samaritan, it was looking after a Jew who had been wounded and robbed. I think that was the place for the priest and the lawyer, who had passed by the victim somewhat earlier . They had thought they were needed in the synagogue or the courts to do the ‘will of God” and had missed out on being in the kingdom that day. Visiting church as a guest the other day, I saw everyone very busy getting ready to both share, examine and work out their agenda to be the people of the kingdom. Like many of us over many years of church, their motives were good, but for me, an anxious newcomer, I didn’t want a program put in my hand, but rather needed someone to talk to at that moment. This has made me reflect that often I too have been careless when keen to offer someone in need my solution for their life. Until Jesus returns I think we can share His kingdom better, by opening up our hearts to others to hear their pain or joy, and allowing the Holy Spirit to enable us to share what He has to say or do for them, rather than using our well intentioned program. Surely the kingdom is found there and then, because we are gathered around Him.

Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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