I once had a great opportunity. I put in a proposal, prayed hard and waited for the response. I kept praying and praying but there was no response. The opportunity was lost. It was hard not to get frustrated at God! Did he reject me?

In Gen 4 we read the story of Cain and Abel. It is a story of the effects of sin upon Cain, who was the first person born under sin. Cain gives an offering, but it is just ‘some’ of what he can give. We find in 4:5 that God had no regard for Cain’s offering and so Cain got angry.

It is hard to strike out against God. So where did Cain strike? He struck out against his brother. Sin wants to bring in division between people and the easiest target is the person with whom Cain is closest – his brother. The result is that the relationship is destroyed. Sin used Cain’s feeling of rejection from God left him isolated.

It makes me wonder if I ever feel rejected by God. Perhaps it is when I pray for something and God doesn’t answer me in the way I want, in the time frame I want. Perhaps it is when I feel rejected by others who are part of God’s people.

It also makes me wonder what I do with that rejection. Do I hit out at those who are close to me? Do I realise what is going on? Or do I resolve it and return to an inner state of peace?


4 thoughts on “Rejected?

  1. How true that we often hit out when we need to look inside and fix ourselves up first.
    So often, having done that we realize that, whatever we would hold against another is the very thing we are guilty of ourselves.

  2. It is so easy to lash out at others rather than dealing with the decisions we have made and taking responsibility for our own garbage and bad attitude. So much easier to point the finger at others than to look inside oneself and make the needed changes. Good questions.

    • I hate it when people don’t take responsibility for their own garbage. Which just makes me think of Jesus’ comments about a spec and a log – perhaps it is my biggest fault!

  3. The log and the speck are both made of the same material. I know that I have a 20-20 vision for other’s faults rather than my own. But I have found the things that irritate me the most in other people are faults that I have. My faults look worse in others. I cry out and ask for God to help me deal with my stuff. Then I try to be merciful (don’t always have it) so I can obtain mercy.

Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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