Give her away

Sarah being taken to Pharaoh, by Tissot

Sarah being taken to Pharaoh, by Tissot

A good friend of mine was once working as a Personal Assistant to the wife of a major Christian mission organisation that I admire greatly. My friend was very good at her job and enjoyed it. She became very close with her boss. However it was an extremely difficult job. At times the pressure to get things done for God was great and in these times her boss treated her with less than the respect she deserved.

It left her with a lot of hurt.  I remember spending nights with her encouraging her to keep her heart soft and find the right fit for her.

It reminded me in some ways of the biblical stories of Abraham. He is a truly wonderful Biblical figure, being the great father of the Israeli nation. Even God ties himself to Abraham. Many times in the Old and New Testament God calls himself ‘the God of Abraham’.

However twice we read how he mistreats his wife, Sarah, really badly. Twice (Gen 12:11-20, Gen 20) he gives his wife to a foreign king as a wife. I wonder how Sarah felt about that. It seems to me that Abraham had some major failings in the way he dealt with people close to him.

When I consider the way people such as Abraham and even my friend’s boss can treat people it seems like for thousands of years great people of faith have been failing those closest to them. It does make me wonder if I fall into the same trap. How do I treat those with whom I work? For those who have worked under me, did they feel valued or mistreated? I wonder about those who are close to me and the way I sometimes treat them. Do they feel valued or mistreated?


3 thoughts on “Give her away

  1. I have learnt Nathan that hurt people hurt people yes sometimes in the Christian family we need to rebuke or correct others but it is for Love we do so and not with the attitude we are better , we have all sinned, and needed God’s Grace, if we Love we will warn others when they are falling into Satan’s trap.

    We remember as you shared Nathan by your message which had a very good focus that everyone is a person of worth, Jesus died so that everyone has a choice to live Eternally with Him, He knows those who are His and has from eternity by our heart repentance.

    Yes we treat others how we want to be treated but we also Love enough to warn of danger I was rebuked by two Christian friends when I fell into sin years ago, you can be sure I was not impressed at the time but now I give heartfelt thanks for their Love and faithfulness.

    I’m sure Nathan if you realized you had hurt someone you would seek to make amends or you would not be concerned that you may have.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

  2. This is something I have been thinking a lot about lately! As a missionary, I focus so much on meeting others and serving in the areas that I am called in that I often forget one of the most important things: how I treat those who are nearest to me. Am I so focused on helping others come unto Jesus Christ that I forget to be Christlike in the small and simple ways to those who are closest to me? Thank you for this great post–it sparked just the reflection I needed!

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