Sex and Intimacy in the Garden


A few months ago I read an article in the guardian newspaper by a Gen Y woman. She was complaining about her lack of real relationships with men. She wrote that it was common for women of her generation to ‘hook up’ with guys at parties, but there was never any long term relationships coming from that. From the tone of her article, it seemed like there was a lot of sex but little intimacy in her life.

It seems today that this is a common thing. Intimacy and sex get confused. It is like people think intimacy is only about sex. But they are different things

In my last post, I discussed the Garden of Eden as portraying an ideal life. In that life there is both sex and intimacy. Adam and Eve are portrayed as being together as man and wife with a nakedness (and therefore a sex life) that is without shame.

However there is an intimacy with God. God is intimately involved with people in the garden. He isn’t distant and far. He comes down so low to the earth that he gets his hands dirty in the soil (Gen 2:7). Then he blows in the nostrils of the man. Have you ever blown in someone’s nostrils? That sounds pretty intimate.

It leaves me wondering how intimately God is involved with my life. How much do I want him to be intimately involved? What would it mean for me to have him intimately involved with my life? What would I change knowing that God is intimately involved with my life?


8 thoughts on “Sex and Intimacy in the Garden

  1. He is intimately involved in all of His peoples lives whether we realize it or not. For us to feel the intimacy we must remain in close fellowship with Him which is our greatest challenge consistently. Great post Nate!!

  2. I’m thinking Cam will take the same approach if I can’t convince him just permanent they are. I figure he’ll come home from college and I’ll notice some scales coming out of a sleeve!

  3. Someone said, “In Him we live and move and our being.” Sounds pretty intimate to me. However, isn’t our intimacy with God, (our vertical relationship) measured by our horizontal relationship with others, especially those of the household of faith. I just read Wisdomforlife’s post on eight reasons for unanswered prayer and more than a few of those had to do with relationships with others being out of divine order, ie. lack of forgiveness, treating wife without understanding her, lack of compassion, etc.


    • Absolutely! We can’t really have intimacy with God without being involved with his body – ‘whatever you do to the least of these’

  4. This sounds like something my husband/preacher would say! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the “common sense” perspective. (I’m really into that! 🙂 )

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