Problem Free life?

problem free life

A problem free life?

There are many advertisers out there promising a problem free life. Just take up our product and all your problems will go away. (Sometimes even Christ is the product!)  But a problem free life is like the Yeti – it doesn’t exist! (Queue conspiracy theorists in the comments) Most people realise that this is the case. Some realise that many problems are caused by people’s failings. However life is not meant to be without problems. Sin was not the cause of the first problem.  In the Garden of Eden there was a problem. It is not good for people to be alone (Gen 2:18) and yet the man, Adam, was alone. At first, he didn’t understand he had a problem. God started solving the problem without Adam knowing there was a problem but more than that God included Adam in the problem solving process. This process involved a learning process for Adam (see my previous post). However, the creation and naming of animals wasn’t really going to solve Adam’s problem. When the solution to the problem presented itself – Adam knew that his problem was solved. This at last is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.  Adam did nothing more than see the solution. Today, problems can be more difficult. Problems can be caused by our failings as humans. They can be caused by our limitations of being human. However I suspect that God, being the same today as yesterday, is equally at work bringing about solutions to problems that we haven’t yet seen.  Sometimes it does take us, like Adam, doing the things that God wants us to do. However, like Adam, sometimes doing those things doesn’t really solve the problem. What it takes is just having the eyes to see the solution. It does make me wonder if I do sometimes stress too much about the problems in my life. Does this show a lack of faith? Does this show a lack of understanding of God’s ways? It makes me question whether or not I’m working with the solutions God has for me, or making it harder for him.


16 thoughts on “Problem Free life?

  1. Having the eyes to see the solution. ..Wow! Thanks Nate. Sometimes I’ve found out I must hear the solution as well. Great post and thanks for visiting my blog.I appreciate it.

  2. If I find something wholesomely funny, everything else goes out the window. Some phrases should be cast in iron (but iron does rust, so probably something harder)! Just a sampling: “(Sometimes even Christ is the product!)”, and “a problem free life is like the Yeti – it doesn’t exist!”. Thanks Nate!!

  3. I think these questions relate to every blood-bought adopted child of the living God.
    Even though He has faithfully worked in us and for us for many years, we still tend to try to solve our own problems, rather than handing them over to Him. How foolish we are! How we must grieve Him. And yet He still draws us back to Himself and gives us the faith to trust Him.

    We serve an incredibly amazing God!

  4. I have taken some time in your blog, finding you because you found my blog. I have very limited time for blogging and you make it difficult – I can’t add any more blogs to my reading, but I am touched by your blog. So I decided to follow and to discover what happens!

  5. Greeting my brother in Christ. Thanks for following my blog. I have started reading yours and really enjoy the thought process The Lord inspires you with. I am just an aging Pastor trying to help others find a personal relationship with Jesus.

    • Thank you for dropping by. It is a wonderful thing to be helping others find a personal relationship with Jesus. Is there anything better?

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