Money, Money, Money

Money Money Money

For a number of years I worked with YWAM, Youth With A Mission. One of the key aspects of YWAM is that in theory nobody gets paid. They believe that people working with them should be supported financially through individuals who through giving and praying share in the ministry. They also are very big on trusting God to provide.

While some people struggle with the idea that one stays and another goes, the idea of trusting God to provide should be part of every believers walk.

Money is a funny thing. It is part of the original creation. In Genesis 2:11-12 we read about the high quality gold in Havilah. Havilah is downstream from the Garden of Eden. The gold isn’t in the garden. The garden is the place where humanity was created to live and work and fellowship with God. Money, or gold, wasn’t a part of that life.

Today, for most of us, money is a necessity. It is an intricate part of our lives. Jesus teaches us that the way we use money is important. In the parable of the dishonest manager (see Luke 16:1-13) he teaches that the way we use money is important.

Jesus also teaches for us not to serve money (Mat 6:24) and not to seek money but rather the kingdom of God (Mat 6:33). One person Jesus praises highly is an old widow who gives all her money away (Lk 21:1-3). I believe this is because it shows an example of someone completely trusting God – just as we were supposed to live in the garden.

It leaves me wondering how much faith I have in money and how much I have in God. Do I let the bank account make major decisions? Or do I look to what God wants me to do? How wisely am I using money in dealing with those around? We can’t buy God’s favour but am I making eternal ‘purchases’ with my money (LK 16:9), especially to the least of Jesus’ family (Mat 25:40)?


9 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money

  1. Indeed! What God knows we need and what we think we need do not always coincide. I have so many stories, but in 1955 my Mother had nothing. A pastor gave her $5, a fortune when clergy were poorly paid (pun intended). The next week he received an envelope in the mail with nothing but a $5 bill in it. That shows God’s economy! When we do what is right, rather than what is fiscally logical, God will do amazing things.

  2. I struggle in the area of giving money. God put on my heart yesterday to donate to a charity I received in the mail. I knew it was God because I have been praying on this matter and the Holy Spirit kept reminding me. What a timing post for me to read. I will follow my heart and God’s will. Thanks Nate!

  3. Great thought and one I have spent many hours contemplating. May I make a suggestion? Would you install the “widget” to follow by email? If you have it I’m not aware and haven’t seen it. I love to read you but I can’t easily find you without having an email sent. Just a suggestion . Thanks Nate.

  4. Money can indeed be a real problem for people, and particularly for those who have it. I was blessed to grow up in one of those poorly paid clergy families, but I never felt poor! My parent’s prayed when needs were there and always shared what they had. No one was ever turned away. We travelled across the world twice in my time at home. Now I am married to a precious man who has his security in his money. I tell him he has a harsh god indeed who enslaves through fear. He marvels at how much my income seems to multiply as I continue my parents pathway. Proverbs 11.24 “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer, another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.”

  5. I don’t want to overwhelm you with comments, but my husband fell in March and broke his hip and crushed his heel. The month before, we joined the Samaritan “insurance” program. It’s not really insurance – we all share each other’s needs. Today, we received two checks which included notes of encouragement from two other participants that we’ve never met. What a blessing! There is a bit of faith involved, but mostly it’s just a wonderful plan of living out God’s plan for His people! Thanks again for the blog!

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