A Good conspiracy

tower of babel

I have a good friend whose mother is very into conspiracy theories. I also have some people close to me who are very into conspiracy theories. They often send information about these conspiracies and how different groups (the Muslims, the communists, the bankers) of people that are trying to take over the world.

The idea of a large and powerful group of people working together against God’s plan for the world doesn’t worry me. It isn’t something new. In Genesis 11 we read a story about something similar happening. The whole world gets together to stop being spread across the world. Together they are working against God’s plan for them to fill the world.

In this story the author uses humour to mock the idea that people working together can stop God’s plan. The people don’t have the right material. Instead of having solid stones they only have bricks (Gen 11:3). Instead of having proper mortar they have bitumen (Gen 11:3). More so, although the top of the tower is supposed to be ‘in heaven’, God, who is in heaven, has to ‘come down’, just to see the tower (Gen 11:5).

In the end God very quickly stops these people in their tracks and gets them back on track with his plans (Gen 11:7-9).

It makes me wonder about the conspiracies theories of today. Even if they are true, they really can’t get far if God doesn’t allow it. That thought encourages me that God’s plan for this world, and my life, will not fail. God will bring people from all nations and tongues into his kingdom (Rev 7:9).

It also encourages me to keep seeking his plan for my life – for this is where I will succeed.



9 thoughts on “A Good conspiracy

  1. Hello Nate, so true. God’s plan will never be thwarted in even the slightest most minute way. He is in total control. What comfort this brings to His people. Have a great day!!!

  2. As someone trained in Biblical scholarship I revel in the amount of humour the Bible actually contains, and so it pleases me to see it acknowledged.
    The grand plan can never be thwarted, but it seems to me individuals (like prophets) are often murdered or otherwise removed to stop their part of the plan. Or did God just plan for their removal? Hm…

  3. There is no doubt that God has a plan for my life, with His ongoing, ultimate purpose to mold me into the image of Christ (Ephesians 4:1-14) He directs and expects us to follow. When we choose to deviate from His path, He gently (and if necessary, not so gently) draws us back.

    Within the will of God, there is no failure.
    Outside the will of God, there is no success.

  4. I like your reference to God’s sense of humour and God coming down to see what they were up to. I can’t resist mentioning that bitumen was a form of tar and therefore being used to try and prevent its destruction by flood – or at least that’s how I’ve always interpreted it…

  5. I had an interesting thought while reading your post, concerning the word: Babel. Backwards, we see ‘leb’ (heart) and ‘ab’ (father). We find ourselves in a state of confusion (babel), when we are not in alignment with the heart (leb) of the father (ab).

    Peace be with you! Beth

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