Contempt or content?


I spent about a year working in Singapore as a full time Christian musician. During that time I got to work with some amazingly gifted musicians who taught me a lot about music. It was a great blessing to able to lead worship with such a wonderful band.

After I finished and went back to working with smaller churches it was easy to view other church musicians and singers as ‘lesser’. It was easy to look down on them and treat them with a little contempt because they hadn’t been blessed in the way I had.

Nothing good will come from using God’s blessing to us as a means to treat others with contempt. We see this in Genesis 16. Here Sarah gives her maid Hagar to Abraham so that Hagar might have a child. Hagar gets pregnant and has a child. This child is seen as a blessing. However what Hagar does because of this blessing is treat Sarah ‘with contempt’ (Gen 16:4).

The result of Hagar treating Sarah with contempt is that she herself gets treated poorly. She and her child, her blessing, get thrown out.

This thought leaves me questioning myself. Are there others that I look down upon, or treat with a bit of contempt because they haven’t been blessed as I have? What about those without a good marriage? Or what about those who don’t have children? What about those who haven’t had theological training? Or what about those who don’t yet know Christ?


3 thoughts on “Contempt or content?

Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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