IHS 2 – Avoiding Burnout


When we use something in a way that it is not meant to be used it doesn’t last. Sometimes this is because we don’t know how it should be used. This is pretty clearly seen in the video below

We as people also have a way that is good for us and a way that isn’t and I’m not just talking about sin! Every person has his or her own dominate patterns of thought, feelings and behaviors. In Strengths language we call these our ‘talents’. When we do things that use these patterns we get energized.

However, when we are forced to operate in ways that go against these patterns they get ‘stressed’. If we are constantly working against our natural talents we will burn out. In other words, when you constantly go against the way God made you to operate you will burn out.

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2 thoughts on “IHS 2 – Avoiding Burnout

  1. Preach! This is something I hit on in my ministry. God loves us and made in a specific way. We have to care about people enough to slow down, learn them, and and place them in ministry that fits their design.

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