The rejected


After I finished school I went to South Africa for a ‘gap year’. While I was there I spent some time training with YWAM. I have very fond memories of that time and made some good friends. One of our favourite albums was called Justice, by Steve Camp. One particular song I remember well was ‘Do you feel their pain?’ The song is about the way the church reacted to AIDS victims. Do we reject them? Or do we help them? Unfortunately there was a lot of rejection from churches towards people suffering from this disease.

In the last few posts I’ve looked at Genesis 16 and the story of the birth of Ishmael. In the last post I looked at how Hagar treated Sarah with contempt and then was treated badly in return. In fact she was rejected and thrown out.

The interesting thing is how God responds to this. Even though Hagar and Ishmael are rejected by Abraham and Sarah, God’s people, God reaches out to them. This shows me that to those that are rejected by the God’s people, God still reaches out.

The question I want to ask myself is, do I also want to reach out to the rejected people? We may not agree with them. They may be doing the wrong thing, like Hagar, yet God still wants to reach out. Will I be a part of that reaching out or rejecting?


4 thoughts on “The rejected

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