IHS 3 – Generalist or Specialist?



There are two types of thinking when developing people, whether it is for leadership, ministry or both. One is a generalist approach. This says that we should be strong in all areas. Where we are weak, we should build up these areas.

The other is a more specialist approach. This says, focus on the areas where you are strong and learn to manage the areas where you aren’t strong.

Ministry training used to focus on the first way. This was particularly true of smaller churches or ministries. There was one full time person and this person had to learn to do everything.

Now there is a growing movement towards the second way. There is an appreciation of some of the benefits of specializing. When we specialize in areas where we are naturally strong we will have a much greater rate of improvement, we will more likely come to a place…

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Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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