The Walk


I have two children. My daughter is 3 (nearing 4) and my son is 6 months. They have both been sick the last week, hence I’ve been scare on the blog. My wife and I don’t expect much from our son. He is still very young. My daughter is starting to learn about responsibility. She wants a pet. So we have set some goals for her to reach before she gets her kitten. As she gets older, she gets more responsibilities but also more privileges.

Our walk with God can be like this. When we start following Jesus we also tend to have very few responsibilities. God doesn’t expect much from us. Often we see God being very active in our lives. As we mature in our faith God starts to expect more from us.

We see this in the life of Abraham. When God first calls him (Gen 12:1), he just tells him to go. It is a huge act of faith for Abraham to go but he goes. A little later God makes a covenant with Abraham (Gen 15:18). At this point God still asks nothing of Abraham within the covenant. It is only later, in Gen 17 where God starts to ask something from return. Here God asks for Abraham to be ‘blameless before him’ (Gen 17:1) and to circumcise himself and his sons (Gen 17:10-11).

It leaves me thinking about how I treat those who are new in the faith. How do I treat them? Do I expect them to be mature in the faith? Or do I have more grace for those who are new? Do I give people more responsibility than their walk has prepared them for? Or do I balance the responsibilities with where their walk has brought them?


11 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. Looking back to when you first met the Lord and remembering the “growing pains” puts it in perspective. So yes, expecting them to be mature is not a bad thing, but you and I and the rest are a work in progress. TLC and compassion is never out of date. Thanks for dropping by. have a blessed day!

  2. What a great way to think of this Nate. I’m careful and protective of the toddlers in the halls and foyer at church, but there are lots of grown-up babes and toddlers and I haven’t thought to be as careful with them. Good analogy 😉

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