The Test

The Test

It is said by some body language experts that when people first meet others they subconsciously put them through various tests to see their response. If we respond with the right body language then people will be more relaxed and open with us.

In Genesis 22 we read about God testing Abraham. God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. This test is about whether or not Abraham has really learnt to trust God in everything. Up until now in the story, sometimes Abraham had done well (like winning back Lot – Gen 14) and sometimes he hadn’t done well (in Egypt – Gen 12:10-20 and with Abimelech – Gen 20).

At this point, Abraham seemingly has everything together. He has received the promise God made to him and all was well. Abraham was happy to obey. It was a long process taking days and yet Abraham did what God asked of him.

We know from New Testament passages that God doesn’t tempt us (James 1:12-14) or put temptation in our way. That is the role of our adversary (e.g. Mat 4:1-11). However God does test us in big things, like Abraham with Isaac, and also in smaller things.

It leaves me wondering how aware of being tested I am and often God tests me. How often do I fail? How often do I get it right? I’m sure I’m regularly getting it wrong. Still I’m confident that in the big things I’m on the right direction.


Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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