Loyalty and Diligence

As a talent coach, I understand that for some people loyalty is a very strong value. It is for me. When people show loyalty to me I greatly appreciate it. However, when I perceive that people aren’t loyal to me they very quickly find themselves outside of my inner circle. So this will in some way influences the way I read Scripture. It certainly does when I read Genesis 24.

In Genesis 24 we read how Abraham sends his head servant to get a wife for his son Isaac. This servant is in charge of all of Abraham’s things (Gen 24:2). Abraham trusts him greatly. This servant when he comes to the place he is supposed to go prays, not for himself, but that God will show ‘steadfast love’ (hesed) to Abraham (Gen 24:12 – NRSV). He acts out of great loyalty to Abraham.

Later, when he meets with Rebekah and Laban he won’t stop to eat ‘until he has told his errand’ (Gen 24:33 – NRSV). He is focused on doing what he said he will do and won’t be hindered.

The next day Laban tries to delay him but the servant won’t hear of it. He senses Yahweh’s blessing on him for being so loyal and diligent and wants to finish what he said he would do. Rebekah consents to go with him and Abraham’s desire to see his son married is fulfilled. It is the start of the next generation.

In this story we see God responding to the servants loyalty and diligence. It leaves me thinking about my loyalty and diligence to God. How loyal am I to God? How diligent am I on the things I should be doing for him? What about those around me that I see being loyal to God? How do I respond to their loyalty?

For the next two weeks I will be taking some time off. I’ve been struggling to be as diligent with the writing as I wish to be and need some time to recharge. Blessings to you all.


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