Bringing Temptation

Yesterday while I was at the mall, I accidentally left my phone in the bathrooms. Later when I realized what I’d done, I went to look for it. When it wasn’t there, I went to the mall management centre to ask if anyone had handed in a phone. When they hadn’t, I used the where’s my phone app, at the centre to track the phone. We could see the phone moving around the mall and the security guards where trying to find out who had it. Eventually the man stopped and lay down in a bus, and the security found him and returned the phone. The people at the centre called it a ‘miracle’. I’m not sure it was a miracle and God being gracious, technology and the good work of security guards or a combination of both.

The man who took the phone was not really savvy with technology, and I suspect he had quite the fright when caught. I’m not sure he had any idea that people were tracking his movements and knew what he had done and that hiding in the dark wasn’t a great option. It made me think of Matt 10:26 that everything hidden will be revealed, and every secret will be found out.

Unfortunately for him, being a mall employee, it was classified as theft and it cost him his job. He had the chance to come clean but, like Adam and Eve, chose to blame everything but his own actions. Again this made me think about what I want to hid and if I blame others for it.

Afterwards I felt terrible. I choose not to press charges. He had lost enough already. But I did feel sorry for inadvertently putting temptation in his path. In Mat 18:7 Jesus says it is a great sin to put temptation in the way of others. It made me realise how often we fall short, even when there Is no intention to sin against others and left me wondering in what other ways I sin against others without knowing it.


4 thoughts on “Bringing Temptation

  1. This is such an insightful article, Nate. While reading my mind thought about the opposite, too. If God swears that everything hidden will be revealed, we should trust that he is kind and will reward all the good things we do in the dark. Great piece!

  2. You have a compassionate heart. I know God sees that and pray that He brings you peace! And that mercy will yet be shown to the guy who took your phone,

    • Thank you for your comment. I do pray that mercy will be shown to that guy. However I also know he has lost a lot. Lets pray it brings him closer to God.

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