IHS 8 – The thinkers



My father was a physicist. He used to tell a joke about an engineer, a physicist and a theoretical mathematician. The engineer was brought into a room where there was a curtain on fire and a bucket of water. The engineer threw the water on the curtain and put out the fire. The physicist careful measured out the right amount of water needed to put out the fire and used the last drop to put out the last flicker of flame. When the mathematician walked in, he looked at the fire then the bucket and said, ‘there is a solution’ then walked out.

The final set of talents relates to thinking. These are the conceptual people. While everybody has their own thinking patterns, some people are very focused on thinking. When these talents aren’t well managed they can lead to people being like the mathematician who could see the solution…

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Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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