IHS 9 – Strengths Based Leadership


Team work

While there are many different understandings of leadership, I have a simple definition. It is influencing a group of people to go somewhere and do something.

Within this definition there are four key ideas. The first is the idea of influencing. I’ve already quoted Maxwell on influencing as the basis of leadership. The second idea is that it refers to people. The third is that it is about doing something and the final that it is about direction and method (where and how).

These four areas relate to the four areas of talents that I’ve been discussing. Each person will have a primary area, whether it is influencing, relationship building, completing (or achieving) or thinking. Each person will also have a secondary area. However, nobody is strong in all four areas.

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One thought on “IHS 9 – Strengths Based Leadership

  1. Teamwork is a necessary thing to accomplish a task more efficiently. I had not seen this as much as I just did in NYC. From top to bottom it all flowed well and a monumental task was accomplished. Thanks Nate!!

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