God’s first response


I sat and watch a little girl at a shopping centre playing. She was being a bit naughty playing with her brother’s toy until she was caught by her father. I could see by her reaction that she was being ready to get yelled at. She knew her father’s first reaction and she was preparing for it.

Our view of God as our father is always going to be tainted by the failings of our earthly father. However sometimes it is also tainted by poor theology. Many of us are taught that God is like that little girl’s father – that his first reaction to sin is to get angry. However that isn’t the picture in the Bible.

In Genesis 3 we have the story of the first sin. Many people focus on the results of that sin. However in doing so, they miss God’s first reaction to sin. What…

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Thanks for reading. What do you think? Do these questions relate to you? How?

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