Find your Fit – Strengths Coaching

I’m a trained strengths coach. I love finding out how other people tick, how they see the world, how they process situations and how they fit.

For myself, strengths opened up my eyes to some of the unhelpful ways people can see me and how that led to struggles in ministry. Now I love working with pastoral teams and Bible college to try and help them understand their strengths and how they can avoid the sorts of problems I encountered.



7 thoughts on “Find your Fit – Strengths Coaching

  1. Happy to hear that you are helping others in ministry identify and use their God given strengths to serve Him! I’ve been interested in the concept of strengths for quite awhile. Done a lot of reading. Seen them unfold in my life and the lives of my sons and husband. Praying that God would show me what He would have me do “next”!

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